Mobility Solutions

The sentiment among IT leaders is that because mobile solutions have proven so successful in reducing production downtime and increasing productivity, the inclusion of mobility in their plant’s technology plan to deliver competitive advantages, is something that cannot be ignored. Interestingly, while most organizations have already put technology upgrade roadmaps in place, they typically lack many of the mobile solution architecture details that will certainly be needed to actualize any mobilization plans.

Industry 4.0 and its associated technologies are key to unlocking future mobility solutions that help to improve safety and limit congestion.  For example, connected vehicles – and other connected components, such as tires – must operate cohesively to make the promise of future mobility solutions a reality. We are delivering on optimized fleet servicing through collection and analysis of tire data, and even working toward sensing the road and adapting the vehicle accordingly. This in-field data and knowledge is input to next-generation products and solutions.

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