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Autonomous real-time data harvesting – water health quality and depth measurement.

Next Level Design

The autonomous DataShark is the world’s first data harvesting ASV to be deployed commercially. Focussing on collecting and collating water quality health data from waterways in any environment the DataShark is capable of multiple sensor configurations (customer dependent), real time data logging with GPS tagging.

  • Real Time water quality data access

  • GPS Data tagging for accurate measurement

  • Online live-data portal access

  • Inbuilt data sensors (Temp, pH, Conductivity, DO.ORP, depth, Turbidity)

    The DataShark in Action

    The DataShark is designed to be deployed with preset mission routes on your chosen waterbody. By selecting the DataSharks operating route and predetermining its path you are able to ensure that you cover the region you require data collection from – this can either be over grid pattern or your specific chosen route.

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