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Our drones swim around the clock monitoring, cleaning and maintaining water health.

Experience and quality

Modelled on Planet Earth’s biggest fish, the Whale Shark, our drones are designed to be efficient, long-lived, non-threatening and unobtrusive.

With zero greenhouse emissions – our drones act as an intelligent tool to cleaning our waters.

RanMarine Technology

RanMarine Technology specializes in the design and development of industrial autonomous surface vessels (ASV’s) for ports, harbours and other marine and water environments.

RanMarine’s current products include the WasteShark™ range, designed and used to clear plastics, bio-waste and other debris from waterways. The data enablement of our products allows customers to closely monitor, in real time, the environment and makeup of their water and create an accurate picture of the waters DNA over time. RanMarine products are designed to be used either manually via an onshore operator, or autonomously with online control and access.


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